Our Candle Journey

Blessed Candle Company started as a vision back in March 2020. My company came about in the midst of this pandemic, when i lost everything because of it. I had no idea on what to do next. After spending some time researching and identifying what could benefit not only me but those around me, Blessed Candles was birthed.

At Blessed Candle Company my candles will help you relax because of the essential oils.My mission is to inspire and motivate anyone who may have been/ still feels lost. Because sometimes we just need the right tone of atmosphere and a word from GOD to realize who we were already called to be and that's the job of my company.

We provide unique scents that are tailored to our unique names. Each candle comes with our signature "Blessed Card" that relates to the chapter of your life that you may need a word for. We are handmade and home based, with all natural soy products. We are Expanding to cover all bath and body needs.


Our Purpose 


As a brand, we stand firm on our mission to spread the word of GOD. Our job is to set the atmosphere and provide a word that will help you through the Season of your life that you or someone you love may be going through.

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